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We can accept below payment method:




Signing up and Making your first Transferwise



Making a transfer




The following is our transferwise payment information:

Payment link: https://transferwise.com/us/

First name: Yuanyuan

Last name: Wang

Country: China

Province: Hubei

City: Wuhan

Zip Code: 430070

Address: Luoshi Street

Email: [email protected]

Unionpay Card Number: 6217857600056396240


(1) Remind Our recipient currency is CNY.


Remind we recipient currency is CNY,

you only type the unionpay card number and the name of recipient


2. Western Union

The following is Western Union payment link and account information https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/send-money/app/start

First Name:Zhiyou

Last Name: Zhu

Street Address: Lizhi District

City : Putian

Province : Fujian

Country : China

Postal code : 351100

Phone number : +8618827137043

Email :[email protected]

Bank name : Bank of China

Bank card number: 6217856400021256996

Purpose of transaction : General Personal Remittance


1. Choose “Bank Account” for Receiver to receive the payment

2. Please make sure to let us know the MTCN after paid!

3. When payment,don’t say anything about business like shopping or order number. From our customers experience, western union don’t accept international business transfer